Things About Computers You Should Know

We live in an age where the computer is an integral part of us. Be it studies, entertainment or for basic utilities, we rely on the computer to a great extent. However, we hardly try to expand our knowledge about computers, going beyond the basic fact that you are using a ‘laptop’.

Here is a list of some lesser known facts on computer gadgets that would be interesting for you to know.

The graphics card

If you have heard of the term ‘gaming PC’ you must wonder what makes it different from a normal computer.

Having being specially tailored to those who love to play virtual games, gaming PC Perth differs from its ‘normal’ counterpart due to the graphics card it uses – which is generally of higher quality than that is used by a normal personal computer.

The Central Processing Unit

The kids who have been born into the age of laptops would not necessarily know the Central Processing Unit (or the CPU, as we lovingly called it). Even though the CPU is currently being embedded in to the very thin laptop, less than a decade ago the CPU existed visibly apart. It was a separate entity, as tall and large as the computer screen. The CPU carries out the basic arithmetic, logical and control operations of the computer – basically the function of that of the computer’s brain. 

The Uninterruptible Power Supply (the UPS)

Even though our laptops now allow us to charge them in advance and use it for a few hours without the access to a power supply, this was not the case a few years ago, in the era of desktop computer. One got to have uninterrupted power supply for the computer to perform its tasks. A sudden power cut meant that your computer switches off automatically, and you will lose the work you have been doing as unsaved data.

It is with this reason in mind that the UPS was introduced. Following a power cut, the UPS gives us about five to ten minutes to save the work we have been doing and shut down the computer.

The Floppy Disk

It is with a heavy heart that I talk about floppy disks – our ultimate companion a decade back when it comes to sharing data and information. In an age where the internet was not common, floppy disks were the only method to share data across computers. If you haven’t seen one before, it looks like the ‘Save’ icon that is used across Microsoft Office packages. The floppy disks offered the storage capacity of 1.4 MB, and required a Floppy Disk Drive to be read and used.

Project Manager Roles and Responsibilities


A Project is an entirely manageable task which can be assigned to the companies or the individual for accomplishing in a cost effective manner. So many people can work on the project to make it successful and to deliver the client within the specified time. Especially the project manager is the whole and sole responsible person who has to monitor from the initial stage of the project till the end and have to coordinate all the team members. He has to encourage and motivate the employees in all possible ways to project the efficient work for fulfilling the client specification. The project can have various phases which include:

• Project Specification
• Design of project
• Execution or developing
• Project monitoring
• Controlling and supervision
• Successful delivery of project

The project manager plays a key role in the project development as he can have the ability and experience to handle all the responsibilities of the project. The project manager can have the complete knowledge about it project management estimation and can work according to that. Nowadays, there are many latest and advanced technologies available in the markets which can also help the companies to reduce the resources as they are automated tools and techniques. So the project manager can have the essential skills identifying the best technologies and software tools that can help in reducing the cost of the project.

The manager should have the ability to detect the issues and risk factors involved in the project along with the management skills to coordinate the employees working for the project. With the experience and the capability, the manager should also be able to identify the risks and have to avoid unnecessary steps that can affect the successful completion of the project. He should be able to make correct decisions in time whether they are big or small. It should have either direct or indirect impact on the success of the project.

The project manager role is the most challenging one as he can be responsible for the success or the failure. The project have to undergo various stages and in between there are different issues that may arise, and it can be the responsibility of the manager to adapt all the changes and have to work accordingly by coordinating and discussing with the other team members who are involved in the project. Get to know how you can get your project done efficiently over here

An efficient project manager can always submit the perfect cost estimation for the project initially and can work accordingly. Sometimes the situations may arise in which they have to request for more time or increase of billing due to various reasons, and this can show the inefficiency of the manager as he fails to complete it in the estimated time and cost period. IT project management cost estimation is a complex task that cannot be handled by any ordinary persons. Only experienced and skilled professionals like project managers can have that capability to submit the estimation and to make the resources work according to that specification.

Moving To The New Era Of Business

Businesses like everything else in the world must evolve and grow to match the environment around it. Businesses of today are far from comparison to businesses that were around half a century ago. With the rise of information technology, businesses have grown larger and faster with businesses simply springing up everywhere. It’s now the era of the cloud computing.

In the past computers within a business simply ran on a web of network cables and servers within a building. It may seem okay at first but as the company grows larger and more resources required, you’ll find yourself running out of space to handle all the wiring, servers and storage. Cloud computing is basically a method of sharing information between computers and other devices via a cloud which is a virtual network. Resources such as databases, storage, applications and so on all originate from the same location and is shared by a set of individuals only. Not only will you have to worry about the safety of your information both physically (fire and unfavorable environments) and virtually (viruses), the speed at which you can access your information is much faster than it ever was before. Continue reading this for further information regarding mobility solutions.

How can you get it?

Well it’s simple as looking for a cloud infrastructure solutions to host your own cloud. Most cloud based operations are usually performed in data centers which remove the worry of managing it on your own, keeping it safe and providing the right environment for it. Make sure you get a reliable one especially if the information and activities your company engages in are considered delicate. 

Cloud infrastructure providers provide all the tools to help you run your own cloud computing model. By tools it means both the hardware and software which include the servers, storage facilities, working software and so on.

Once you finally select your provider, all you need to do is to simply upload your existing system and information to the cloud and continue you business functions from there.

How reliable and beneficial is it?

This is a good question mainly because of the high probability of electronic items failing to perform their designated task along with the added risk of damage or theft of your information. But as mentioned earlier since your information is stored within data centers you can be assured of high security. This of course depends on what service provider and data center you choose. There are data centers with state of the art security facilities that even the largest corporations have stored their data in them. In addition to this you can in fact downsize your company by having your operations done in a third party data centre, this means there is no need of a server room, no need of monitoring server room environment unlike in data centers where it is automated. In addition to this if any server fails or additional servers are require, it can all be handled under one roof by qualified individuals and you can task your IT personnel to help improve the company instead.